DIR Floortime

Notes on Play

  • Enter the child's world – through figures, dress up. Get imagination in and mix it up. Follow the child to enter his world, but then challenge the child – thicken the plot.

  • Don't just use action. Bring in new characters. Ask, “Why fighting?” Why... etc. go for the grand epic story. Give characters feelings.

  • Combine gestures/words and expect responses. “I'm making dinner.” said with a voice of expectation. 

  • Mix goals/concepts: nurture/depend; over/under; subtract/build

  • WAA > Words, Action, Affect

  • Expand the child's emotional range and his creativity range – this leads to more abstract thinking

Notes by Carrie Lippincott, OTR/L, from a lecture by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, M.D. Date unknown